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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Locally owned and operated and inspired to bring smiles back to our patients!

Hello, my name is Anita Steinbach.  I was born and raised in Mankato, I have 3 siblings and 5 blended siblings. I still reside in Mankato, married with two amazing children.

 I can tell you that without the love and support from family, I wouldn't be where I am today. 

When I decided to get into this industry I started as a patient care coordinator for an Audiologist. 

I would greet each patient and over the years get to know them.  I knew that I was made to do more!      Caring for patients helped me find my inspiration to open my own clinic.

In the beginning of my journey, I found out that I too have a hearing loss. 

I was very surprised and had no idea that I was missing pitches and tones and certain words. So when I tell my patients I understand how they are feeling, I truly do.


When you are our patient at Hearing Clinic Mankato, you will be treated like family!

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Picture of Family
Picture of family
Picture of daughter


Nicole Sorgatz is our manager, director and queen of our office! Nicole grew up in Lake Crystal and now lives in Mankato with her husband and son. She has two children, a 4yr old grandson, a brand-new grandson and to bonus daughters. Nicole is very friendly, and funny, so expect a joke or two to be thrown at you while you are in our office. Although Nicole is new to the industry she catches on very quickly!

If she doesn't know the answers to your questions, she will work quickly to get the answers.

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For Our Patients

We will do what ever it takes to help!
We can come to you!

House calls, Assisted living, Nursing homes 
Wax removal, onsite hearing exams, clean and checks

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